What Information to Leave with Your Pet Sitter This Summer

If you are planning on going out of town this summer, and you are planning on leaving your pet with a qualified pet sitting, you want to make sure that the pet sitter has all the right information to take care of your pet should an emergency arise.

Contact Information for Your Vet

The first thing you need to do is leave your vet's number and address for your pet sitter. If your vet has a special emergency number or line, be sure to give this information to your pet sitter as well.

It is also a good idea to get a copy of your pet's medical records from your vet and leave that information somewhere where your pet sitting can access. That way if an emergency develops, they will have information about your pet's medical history.

Contact Information for a Nearby Emergency Clinic

Next, you need to provide your pet sitting with contact information for any nearby emergency clinics or hospitals. That way, if your pet is injured or becomes sick outside of your vet's normal office hours, your pet sitting will know who to contact.

Poison Control Number

It is a good idea to make sure that your pet sitter has access to the local poison control center. Poison control centers are able to provide information about what to do if anyone or anything is poisoned, including your pet. That way, if your pet gets into something that they shouldn't, your pet sitter can get accurate information on how to treat your pet.

Access to First Aid Kit

You should have a pet first aid kit in your home. Your pet first aid kit should include bandages that can be used if your pet is injured. Your first aid kit should also include activated charcoal, which can be used to counteract poison in your pet. Have a dedicated pet first aid kit, and keep it somewhere easy to access and find.

Pet CPR Knowledge

Finally, find out if your pet sitter knows pet CPR. If your pet sitter does not know pet CPR, see if they would be willing to take an online course to gain this knowledge. Offer to pay for the course and compensate them for their time if they agree to take the class.

Make sure that your pet sitting has access to all the important health numbers they would need should your pet find themselves in an emergency situation. For more information or support, contact services such as Phoenixville Animal Hospital - R B Wolstenholme DVM.