Take Your Pet To The Veterinary Clinic To Get Their Rabies Vaccines

Rabies is 100% fatal in most cases. If a human gets bitten by a suspected rabid animal, they can go to the hospital and get a series of shots that will kill the rabies virus in their body before it can cause a problem. Without those shots, people will die from rabies. 

Pets and Rabies

If your pet gets bitten by a rabid animal and they have never had a rabies shot, they should be euthanized because there is no post-exposure vaccine for domestic animals like there is for people. However, if the owner doesn't want to do that, the animal can be given the vaccine and be put into quarantine for several months to see if the vaccine worked. This is an expensive and stressful option.

If your pet has ever had a vaccination for rabies in their lifetime and they are just overdue for one, the choices are different. In that case, your pet should get the vaccination as soon as possible. You or your veterinary clinic will have to keep your pet under close observation for several weeks to make sure they don't get sick. 

Pet Vaccination

In almost every state, vaccinating your pet for rabies is required, especially for dogs or any pets that go outside. That means your indoor pets should get vaccinated too. Your veterinary clinic may want to get titers for your pet. Titers are a way to measure the amount of rabies vaccine that is in your pet's bloodstream. Or, more precisely, titers give your vet an estimate of what your pet's immune response to rabies might be. If their titer results reach a certain level, you and your vet can discuss the vaccination choices. 

Rabies is a horrible disease. It's all too easy for your pet to be exposed to an animal with rabies. The most common animals to carry rabies are raccoons, skunks, bats, and foxes, all of which love to live around people because it's easy to find food and shelter. All it takes is a little nip from a rabid animal, and your pet can be exposed. You don't want that to happen to your pet, so it's essential to visit your veterinary clinic regularly so that your pet stays up to date on their rabies vaccinations. It can save both you and your pet from a disease that is 100% fatal. 

Contact a local veterinary clinic to learn more.