What Information to Leave with Your Pet Sitter This Summer

If you are planning on going out of town this summer, and you are planning on leaving your pet with a qualified pet sitting, you want to make sure that the pet sitter has all the right information to take care of your pet should an emergency arise. Contact Information for Your Vet The first thing you need to do is leave your vet's number and address for your pet sitter. Read More 

Not Another Hole! How To Stop Your Dog From Digging

Now that winter is giving out its last roar, it's time to start preparing for spring. Flower beds and vegetable gardens can do quite well in the spring, unless you have a dog. If you have a dog, they can destroy all your hard work in just a matter of minutes, especially once they start digging. Unfortunately, dogs sometimes don't listen to vocal commands, even if you do use your stern voice. Read More